Sean Clapis Newsletter (November 2016)

Greetings humans,

As I punch these words feverishly into my touchscreen, the season finale of the hit reality TV series known as “America” draws nearer. Assuming the earth doesn’t split in two and zombies don’t clamber out and devour us, come Tuesday night we will have a new commander in chief…elect.

And now the gigs!

-On Friday November 18th we start off with a double header. First, I’ll be at the Hotel Hugo in SoHo with Carte Blanche from 7-9pm. Then we’re off to the Django at the Roxy Hotel from 10:30-1:30am.

-Wednesday November 23rd and 30th will find me back at my favorite cigar bar/jazz club, The Owl Shop in New Haven with the impeccable HJC from 9-12am.

-On Friday the 25th you can come work off all that turkey and stuffing by dancing at Tavern on the Green. I’ll be there with Fleur Seule from 6-10am.

-On Saturday the 26th I’ll be at Tanner Smith’s also with Fleur Seule from 11-1am.

-On Monday the 28th I’ll be back at Macao with Carte Blanche from 10-12am for our residency.

-Starting off December on Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd, I’ll be at the Hotel Hugo with Carte Blanche from 7-9pm for our weekly residency.

-And finally on Sunday the 4th, I’ll be at Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn with my good friend and musical brother Sebastien Ammann. Also joining us on the bandstand will be the fantastic Allan Mednard and the lovely Adam Cote. We start the party at 12:30pm and there will be lots of incredible music from the 4X Collective after us.

That’s all for now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Sean Clapis
Brooklyn, NY

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