Sean Clapis Newsletter (June 2019)

> From: Sean Clapis [] > Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 9:57 AM > To: Sean Clapis > Subject: Sean Clapis Newsletter (June 2019) > > Hey all, > > It’s been an eternity and a day since I last accosted your temperaments through the magic of electronic mail. A few notable life changes have occurred in the intervening months; a move to Madrid, a new album, new band and new video all in the works, and fatherhood to name a few. So now, the gigs! > > -On Thursday June 6th I’ll be at Café El Despertar with Anna Kolchina and Javier Moreno at 9pm. > > -Friday the 7th will find me at La Bóveda del Albergue in Zaragoza at 8pm. > > -I’ll be at Club Matador with my trio featuring Naima Acuña on drums and Javier Moreno on bass on June 13th. > > -On June 20th and 27th I’ll be at La Piemontesa in Barajas. > > -And finally I’ll be back at Café El Despertar with Pier Bruera on drums and Javi Moreno on bass on June 30th at 9pm. > > That’s all for now. Stay tuned. > -Sean > > If you would like to unsubscribe from this newsletter, reply in perfect Castilian Spanish to