Sean Clapis Newsletter (Summer 2019)

> Subject: Sean Clapis Newsletter (Summer 2019) > > Greetings Humans, > > I hope your summer months have been filled with fun activities, such as storming Area 51 while doing the Naruto run or listening to the latest hit by Billy Elliot, the movie about the little British kid who becomes a dancer who then becomes a 12 year old girl and a pop singer or something. Listen, I know these jokes are terrible but that’s how dad humor works. > > Here are the gigs. > > -Tomorrow, Sunday August 25th, I’ll be heading up to Santander to perform with Javier Moreno and Pier Bruera at Little Bobby as part of the International Records Fair at 9pm. > > there’s a big gap which may or may not be filled with gigs… > > -On Saturday September 21st I’ll be at playing duo at Deia Cafe in the lovely pueblo of Torrelodones with pianist Ruben Andreu at 8pm. > > And I’m very happy to release the new promo for my quartet! Please watch it four or five-thousand times and up vote it so it can then get immediately buried by Fallon and Colbert clips in the trending bar. Here it is! This whole entire paragraph is a hyperlink! Click here! > > Or here, > > Thanks and keep it real. > > Sean > > > To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please reply by sending an autographed photo with your social security, bank account and credit card number attached so you can receive your cash prize from the Prince of Nigeria yur prize await you my very friend.