Sean Clapis Newsletter (September 2015)

Greetings people

I realize it has been over two months since you have heard my booming God-like voice in your collective brains, and I apologize profusely for not providing an August correspondence.

In that month known for its dog days, its harvests, meteor showers and tennis, the earth made an annual passage around that celestial orb known as the sun, beginning my 28th year of life on this planet.

August comprised the perfect balance of work and play. A few gigs here, a weekend backpacking there. A couple great shows with Carte Blanche in Portland, followed by a respite on a lake in the mountains of western Maine. Local shows in New York and CT, and finally topping things off with some family time in Spain, sipping sidra and eating jamon.

But alas, this month it’s back to the grind. The gigs!

This week will find me on a brief stint with the fabulous Fleur Seule.

-On Thursday the 10th, I’ll be up in New Paltz at the Mohonk Mountain House swinging away with Fleur Seule for their Music on the Mountain Series at 9pm.

-We’ll be back at Tavern on the Green on Friday night from 7-11.

-Monday, September 14th, Carte Blanche will be at one of our favorite spots in the city, Macao, from 9:30-12.

-After a long absence at Pravda, Carte Blanche will be back at the Russian bar in Soho on Thursday the 17th from 9-11.

-On Friday the 18th, Bad Idea hits the stage at Rockwood Music Hall at 1am for the late set. Check out the new record here!

-Saturday evening at 10pm, I will be at Tanner Smith’s in midtown performing with Fleur Seule.

-On Tuesday the 29th, Carte Blanche plays at the Lamb’s Club near Times Square at 8.

-And finally, I’ll be back at the Owl Shop in New Haven every Wednesday this month! September 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. Hard hitting music with the Hawkins Jazz Collective from 9-12. You dig?

For those of you who made it to the end of this exhaustive correspondence, won’t you check out my new album, “The Unseen River” out now on RMI records? If you like it, buy some for your friends. If you hate it, buy some for your enemies.

Until next time,


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