Sean Clapis Newsletter (June 2015)

Greetings friends,

“Though the solstice has yet to grace our humble hemisphere, this has never stopped summer from prematurely accosting New York City with her vernal vicissitudes”, he thought as he marched past legions of shiny humans, gasping for breath as they shuffled between skyscrapers, like fish in a roiling stream. Now begin the proverbial days plenty, when nights grow long and one awakens, eyes stinging with sweat, to the melodious din of ice cream trucks and screaming children. “Oh how I wish I was in the high mountains, far from the clamoring mob.” He cursed silently, feverishly scrolling away at his phone. Then the train approached the subway platform, bringing with it a rush of cold air, and for a moment all was right in the world.

Fear not the heat! Here are some gigs!

This Thursday June 18th, I will be up in Willimantic CT, playing with Chris Beaudry, Tim Norton and Itay Morchi. We’ll be performing at the 3rd Thursday Street Fest. Come hang out, grab a growler at willibrew, eat street food and listen to jazz. The downbeat is at 7:45 and we’ll be on the Downtown Stage.

On Friday the 19th, Condesa will be back at Rockwood Stage 1 for happy hour at 6pm.

On Saturday the 20th, I’ll be at Tavern on the Green with Fleur Seule playing lots of swing music. Grab a partner and hit the dance floor if you so desire, or just order a mimosa and listen. We play 12-4pm.

Later that evening, join Bad Idea in Brooklyn for a set at Branded Saloon from 8-9pm.

But wait! Saturday isn’t over yet because Carte Blanche plays at St. Mazie, our favorite Williamsburg speak easy at 10pm.

Next Monday, June 22nd, Carte Blanche is back in Tribeca at Macao from 9:30-12am.

On Tuesday the 23rd and Thursday the 25th, We continue our residency at the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel. We play two sets from 8-10pm

Friday the 25th will find me back at Tavern on the Green with Fleur Seule from 6-10pm.

And on Saturday the 26th, Carte Blanche will be back at Rockwood Stage 2. We play at Midnight.

That’ll be all for now. I hope to see your beautiful faces at some of these.

And finally, here is a link to check out my new album, “The Unseen River” out now on RMI Records.!!!!

And finally finally, jazz great Ornette Coleman passed away this week. I would be remiss not to include some kind of tribute in this post. His influence on jazz and creative music in general casts a big shadow. Whether a fan of his work or not, his courage and conviction forced players and listeners alike to think of music in a different way. Without Ornette, dare I say that music would be less interesting today. So thank you Mr. Coleman.


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