Sean Clapis Newsletter (Spring? 2018)

Greetings all,

Well folks, it’s been a productive couple of cold, dark months. Between cutting a record at Abbey Road, completing my third Tokyo tour and gearing up for the release of my newest record, “Almost Free”, I’ve been keeping relatively busy, chasing away the existential ennui with music, much like that yodeling kid from the internet. And as the sun climbs higher in the sky, the tree tips redden and the lilac buds swell, the bachata blasts and the extortionate outdoor brunch menus bubble, let us not only celebrate the coming sweat fest by donning our short shorts and tank tops in sunny public places, but also by listening to loud jazz in dark smoky rooms.

The gigs!

-On Monday the 9th and 23rd I’ll be at Macao Trading Co. with Carte Blanche from 8:30-11.

-Tuesday the 10th we’ll be back at the Gin Parlor in midtown from 6:30-9:30.

-Wednesdays the 11th and 18th I will be at the Owl Shop with the Hawkins Collective from 9-12.

-Thursday the 12th marks my first appearance at Baby Brasa in the west village. We’ll be there from 6-9 and on Thursday the 19th as well.

-Saturday the 14th will find me back at one of my favorite BK haunts. St. Mazie from 10-12.

-Sunday the 15th will see me at Radegast beerhall from 7-10.

-Tuesday the 17th I’ll be emptying my bank account for Uncle Sam.

-And finally I’ll be closing out the month with a quick gig out in Mexico with Carte Blanche.

That’s all for now!

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