Sean Clapis Newsletter (February 2018)

Greetings humans,

I hope you are all warm and cozy in your homes, or smoldering heap of ashes for those of you in Philly. But before you go off searching for exoplanets or Mayan ruins, check out my website and social media for updates concerning my recent record date at Abbey Road!

And now, the gigs!

-On Wednesday the 13th and 28th, I will be at the Owl Shop with the Hawkins Jazz Collective from 9-12

-This Friday the 9th will find me back at the Flatiron Room with vocalist Natalie Dietz from 5:30-8

-On Monday the 12th and 26th, Carte Blanche will be at Macao in Tribeca from 8:30-11

-Tuesdays this month will find Carte Blanche in the Gin Parlor in Midtown from 6:30-9:30

-On Wednesday the 14th, we’ll be at The Django in the Roxy Hotel from 7-9 for Valentine’s Day

We’ll be at Radegast on Thursday the 15th from 9-12

-On Thursday the 22nd, we’ll be back at the Roxy in the lobby from 8-10

-On Friday the 23rd, we’ll be at the Lamb’s Club in Midtown from 7-11

-And finally, on Saturday the 24th I’ll be at Liberty House in Jersey City with vocalist Tiphanie Doucet

Until then!

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