Sean Clapis Newsletter (February 2020)

Hey people,
A bunch of Spanish is coming your way so heads up. Also I forgot to add in all the offensive jokes so you´ll have to imagine terrible humor coming your way as well.
The gigs!
-Estaré tocando con Florencia Begue <> en el Hotel Eurostar en los Torres <> todos los lunes y martes esta mes. Empezamos a las 22.
-Tocare con el gran guitarrista Israel Sandoval <>en el Cafe Despertar <>esta jueves el dia 6. Tocamos dos pases y empezamos a las 21.
-Vuelvo al Despertar <> la semana siguiente para tocar con Nirankar Khalsa <>y Ruben Carles el dia 15 sabado a las 22.
-Y en el ultimo dia del mes, el 29 estare con Javier Moreno <> y Naima Acuna <> tocando en Jaen.
Nos vemos pronto!

Sean Clapis Newsletter (Fall 2019)

 Hey fellow humans,
There’s a lot to get through here so I’ll just cut to the chase and you’ll have to imagine the terrible Brexit and Epstein jokes.
The gigs!
-On Sunday November 3rd I’ll be at Cafe Berlin with Miron Rafajlovic for a tribute to Roy Hargrove and the RH Factor. This will be an amazing show with a lot of great musicians sharing the stage!
I’ll be on tour with my band “Quartet 95” featuring Josh Bruneau, Tim Norton and Alon Benjamini. Here are the tour dates!
Nov 9: La Bóveda Zaragoza Nov 10: La Bóveda (jam session) Zaragoza Nov 11: Badejazz Badajoz Nov 13: Cafe Despertar Madrid Nov 14: El Junco Madrid Nov 15: Jimmy Glass Valencia Nov 17: Kulturgunea Tafalla Nov 19: Clamores Madrid Nov 21: Matador Madrid

-I’ll be at Hummuseria on November 24th at 5pm. Come join us for some hummus.
-And finally I’ll be at Hotel Eurostar Madrid Tower on the 25th and 26th at 10pm with Ere Serrano.
Hope to see you out there!
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